Windows: ccnet-server.exe crashing regularly. Faulting module libmysql.dll


I’ve got Seafile running on Windows Server 2012 R2. The only other thing on this server is IIS.

Up until yesterday, it’s been running perfectly for a few works. However, ccnet-server.exe has decided to start crashing with the faulting module being libmysql.dll.

After crash, I get the following errors in the seahub_django_request.log:

NetworkError: Can’t connect to daemon
2017-03-14 11:32:02,989 [ERROR] django.request:256 handle_uncaught_exception Internal Server Error: /api2/repos/
Traceback (most recent call last):

There are no other errors.

Upon restarting the Seafile Windows service, it’ll then work fine for a while but will eventually crash.

I have reinstalled the MySQL-python library and done all the usual reboots etc.

When trying to access the web interface, I’ll get the following error: “Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable due to a server hiccup”

Any ideas?


Sometimes this type of error occur when you try to load the dll file and it shows and error then you just do one thing first that is download missing Libmysql.dll file and after that you can solve the problem easily.