Windows client 7.0 constantly showing "Failed to index file" notifications for temporary/short-lived files



I just recently reinstalled Windows 10, and with it Seafile client 7.0 (was previously using 6.x without this issue).

Windows is constantly showing “Failed to index file” notifications from the Seafile client. These files seem to all be temporary or short-lived, such as when a new file is quickly renamed or deleted. For example, using File Explorer to create a new folder (named “New Folder” by default), then renaming it to something else, causes a notification to pop up, “Failed to index file ! [path]\New Folder”. Some portable apps, like AIMP (while playing music) or Notepad++ (while saving a file), appear to create a number of these short-lived files, and cause this notification to pop up constantly while running.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is there a way to fix this? (Other than turning off all notifications from the Seafile client, I mean.) Client 6.x didn’t have this issue, but before I report it as a bug, I just want to make sure it’s not just a matter of some setting I’ve overlooked or other user error.



Have you passed the server also in version 7 ?


Upgrading the server to 7.0.2 seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!