Windows client doesn't sync, app symbols greyed out

Hi, the client doesn’t sync my files on one Win 10 device. In the client application I can see all the files. Many symbols in the client application are greyed out. But there is no error message.
I haven’t found a solution tried to restart application, PC, log out/log in, now I am installing the application again.
I can’t find a report of a similar case.
Any help is appreciated!

Update: Reinstalling the client and downloading the libraries again seems to solve the problem. But enormous waste of time and bandwidth.

Update II: Syncing is really fast, maxing out the internet connection :slight_smile: however, in the client application, I am still missing the buttons “view in local folder” and “download and synchronize”, also, different from my other PC, there are still many greyed out symbols. So it looks like the problem is not resolved :frowning: