Windows Client Failed To Login when Adding Account

I have my SeaFile server set up and running on TrueNAS Scale Seafile is running in Truecharts image version 10.0.1_1.0.1. Everything is running behind Cloudflare tunnel. I am trying to connect with SeaFile client 9.0.3 on Windows 11.

I am able to access the web interface from my Win 11 machine just fine. I can up/download files without problems. My next step is to move to using the client application on Windows to keep my libraries in sync. When I try to add an account to the client using the same credentials from the same machine that is working with the web interface, I consistently get “Failed to Login” messages.

I don’t fully understand the Single Sign On link, but from the Single Sign On popup, I can log in to my server and view my library (in the embedded browser). This does not seem to help me actually add the account to my client, however.

There is nothing showing a login attempt in any of my server logs. I cannot find any logs for the client.

So I am wondering if this is a bug or is there something that I am missing?

Many thanks!