Windows client has a severe memory problem under Win10

Currently the windows client (recent versions from 2017) are constantly eating up explorer memory and CPU. After several hours I can see an explorer.exe with 5 Gig memory and a constant 60% CPU time.

This has been tested on 3 Windows 10 clients so far and they all show the same behaviour. While writing this post the explorer.exe memory raised from 600 MB to 1.200 MB .

Also there’s a busy cursor every second when hovering over any explorer window.
When closing the seafile client everything giles back to normal. (Although I have to restart the explorer to reset its memory)

Also this bevahiour is independend of the option to show the seaefile explorer icon overlays.
So I’m guessing this MUST have been noticed by other users than me now.

Didn’t notice anything so far. My explorer needs 28 MiB of ram, Seafile runs all time. Uptime of my desktop computer is 19 days…

If you use libraries created with seafile server < 3.0 have a look here: Memory Leak in Seafile Client 6 Linux?

Well first of all, I don’t use a linux client, but a windows client. But other than that? What is the post referring to? Do we talk about the librariy clones on a PC or the original libraries on the seafile server itself?


You may have a look at your antivirus program.
There is a similar issue between Seadrive client and Kapersky, it maybe be relative.



I was linking to a discussion about memory leaks, which can occure if you are using a library created with a seafile server version earlier then 3.0. Maybe this also happens with the windows client.

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We are now on the latest seafile server version and the latest windows client.
The problem persists througout several different client computer, Win7 AND Win10 and sinve 2017.

At this point the explorer is completely unresponsive and has to be killed to get back to normal.
As soon as I work from the Seafile folders it starts all over again.

PLEASE HELP. This is absolutely unbearable.


Do you have large libraries on these computers? Can you also post your C:\users\username\seafile_ext.log?

I’m afradid there’s no such log on my computer.

Well that depends on what large is for seafile? Currently we have 23 libraries with around 400.000 files and 40.000 folders.

Which anti virus Software do you use?

Eset Antivirus.

Can you try to exclude the seafile client and folders from eset?

I’ll do that along with installing the latest eset version. Then I’ll try again.

The problem has not changed so far. Still seafile is permanently stealing the cursor focus while syncing.
Which means that when I create a new folder somewhere then as soon as I try to rename it the cursor focus prevents me from overwriting the old name. Also the mouse cursor is showing the waitstate cursor - every second - like blinking. And the explorer.exe is accumulatiing memory - usually 4 or 6 GB - until I close the process and restart explorer.exe, in which case everything is starting all over again.

In ESET the process names and the Seafile folder is excluded from scanning. Anyway even if I completely disable the AV - then the system shows the same problems.

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And still nothing has changed. Gentlemen?
This is becoming intolerable for us. We have customers who complain!

Paying Seafile PE customers? Then have them use the regular support channels and not the Community Forum!

Or Seafile Community customers? Well …

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