Windows Client not connecting

Need some ideas since the Windows client just recently stopped working.

Server - Windows 10, Seafile v5.1.3
Client - Windows 10, Seafile client 5.1.4

Client used to be able to access server using external IP and DNS address while both server and client were on same network. This just recently stopped and I have to use internal IP or DNS address only.

From both client and server, I can no longer access web address via external IP or DNS address.

I’m using DNS services, pinging DYN address resolves correctly.

When I move the client PC out of the local network, I can successfully access both web site and though client.

This is a plain vanilla install as well.

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts and insights.



Discovered that Linksys did a router update which caused the issue. Once the router was reverted to a previous version, the Windows client started operating normally.