Windows Desktop Client problem

I installed seafile professional server 6.3.5 on a Linux Centos 7 server.
I configured the fileserver port on 8083 and the seahub port on 88.

From the web interface everything is ok, I can upload/download files.
Tha same is ok from the Android client.

On the other hand I have problems with the Windows Client. In particular it is not possible the synchronization with the remote server. Anyway if I upload a file from the web page I can find it from the latest news section of the desktop client and I can download it.

If I see logs of the client I found this message:

[09/24/18 13:11:27] http-tx-mgr.c(1281): Bad response code for GET 404.
[09/24/18 13:11:27] clone-mgr.c(730): Transition clone state for 547e9e04 from [check server] to [error]: check server.

Any help?