Windows filename compatibility warning in Seafile Client: how to see which files are causing the problem?

I added a large directory to one of my Seafile Libraries, and I got an error saying that a filename was not permitted due to Windows incompatibility.

However, it does not tell me which file was causing the problem. There are 1000s of files in this directory and it would be impossible to comb through them manually to find the problematic file.

Is there any way to see the specific problematic filenames in Seafile Client?

In this German post, it is said that you can make the column larger in the error window (I haven’t tried it myself) by putting your mouse to the left of the column heading.

Another idea would be to use the command line and look for forbidden symbols, which are:
: < > " / \ | ? *
(Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn)
Admittedly, this is not a solution from the seafile side

Thanks for finding that! This seems to only be an issue in the Mac client, since I am able to see the “file sync errors” window on Linux.