Windows GUI says URL is using a not valid certificate while URL is not used anymore

Hi there,
I have recently changed the URL main domain to target my Seafile instance.
Windows GUI says at each startup that “OLD-URL is using a not valid security certificate” (maybe my translation from French is not exact, sorry for that).
How can I remove completely the usage of the old URL so that I don’t get this popup anymore?
I can’t find anything in the application itself, could it be something to remove in Windows?
Thanks !

Hello !
Any idea on this ? It is keeping poping twice when I log in on my Windows pc.
Can’t find where to delete the old certificate / dns, maybe some cache somewhere but still no luck :frowning:

have you tried deleting cookies if it’s safe an internet browser

Hi, Thanks for suggesting this but still no luck…
I’m just thinking, could it be something to remove on the server side? That would surprise me a lot but…

Hi there!
Am I really the only one having this problem?
It keeps poping twice on my Windows 10 PC at startup, I’m unable to find where those RSA keys could be stored… even though I always check the option “Remember my choice”…