[Windows] Seadrive v2.0.5 does not run

Hello sirs,
I have searched and also tried to find solution on Github repo, but no one is helping. The issue is I have installed Seadrive v2.0.5 on windows 10, but Seadrive fails to start or run. When clicking the icon or running Seadrive, it immediately pops up with an error box that says “internal error: failed to connect to seadrive daemon.” There is no other info and clicking [OK] just terminates Seadrive – it never runs or connects to my server.

Can someone assist or help please?

Thank you.

First make sure you have done the following:

  1. Uninstall old version of SeaDrive (1.0.x)
  2. Restart you computer, to make sure there are no conflicting seadrive processes.

And what’s you OS version? SeaDrive 2.0 only runs on Windows 10 1709 or newer.

If all are tested, post your seadrive-gui.log and seadrive.log here. You can open log folder by clicking the seadrive icon in system notification area.