[Windows Server] How use SSL and how deploy trough Nginx?

I’m running Seafile from my server and I’m wondering how I can set it up so it’s uses SSL?
Also I wondering how I can make it deploy trough Nginx?
I did find the manual in the help files, but it don’t say where I should save the Nginx config file or if I need to install something extra beside the Seafile server?

You can find the information in the seafile server manual:


I know about that links as I did write in the first post, I don’t know if Nginx is something that I need to install, is it a 3rd party application? Or is it already installed on my Windows Server?
And also where should I save the config file for Nginx?

Nginx is not part of Windows. You have to install it separately:

Ok, I understand - but where should I place the config file for it?
It don’t say in the manual.

Also, when I have done this I got https right? SSL?

You will find the config files in the installation path of nginx. If you have installed nginx under c:\nginx then the configs are:

c:\nginx\conf for nginx.conf
c:\nginx\conf\sites-available for the vhosts

If you want to use SSL you must set it up in the vhost file