Would like to create a 3rd party app using your api

I’d like to write a an app that lets me see recent additions by user name and pops up notifications etc.

I need something that will help our managers see when work has been updated and they can choose to preview it etc.

Where would I start to look to try do the following:

  1. Pull a list of repo’s
  2. Get the recent files, their paths, the user that modified it and date / time

The Web API is probably what you want to check. https://manual.seafile.com/develop/web_api_v2.1.html

There is also C# library for this API available (unoficial), which may considerably speed up writing any app that uses Seafile API:

As far as i see it does not implement all API calls at the moment, but adding them should be pretty trivial just following the manual.

Thanks champ, C# is preferred :slight_smile: