Wrong timestamp in folders


When I sync any library (from the linux client), the files have the correct (original) timestamp, but the folders have always the current timestamp [the date of the moment of the client’s side folder replication].

Is this a bug, or is this “by design”?.

It is annoying because folder date is important to sort and locate date based contents.

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This is by design. The syncing algorithm doesn’t keep the timestamps of folders. Timestamps for folders are not saved in Seafile’s data structures. This is a limitation.

Thank you for your answer. I’ve read that from version 3.0 or so, Seafile started to support file timestamps, I thought that it was extended to folders too because the functionality is the same.

There are no any plans to include this feature?

I am a little surprised that no one asks for this feature, it is very important when sharing historical contents between two or more computers.

Best Regards and thank you so much!

Sorry we don’t have plan to add this in near future.

FWIW, +1 for this feature - it is really annoying to lose timestamp information on folders, especially as you migrate years-old file libraries into cloud storage with Seafile.

At least, is there any way to change the timestamp of a folder manually on the server, and get the timestamp change replicated in client copies of the library?

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If it is not that much work to implement it would be nice to have this feature! +1

Hello, I would really love this feature too. +1
For me, a folder’s modified date is used to sort the folders to see the recent stuff first.

+100 for this feature. Tested latest release of Seafile (7.0.5) and it really lacks this feature. For folks that sync thousands of folders this is must.
Please consider adding it. Is it on the roadmap?

Hi mquail,

you find the roadmap here: https://www.seafile.com/en/roadmap

Hello rdb,

The roadmap does not mention folder timestamps – I think this is too minor change to be included there.
This would be a very handy feature, especially after doing full resync of large library.

Hello, I have the same problem on latest SeaDrive client on MacOS and latest server PRO edition. I would like to know when to wait for a fix?

That would be a very useful feature, especially when checking out when folders were created originally.
Timestamps work for files, so why wouldn’t they work for folders the same way?

Seafile Team, please consider adding this functionality.