Wrong up/download link

When a user generates a upload or download link, seafile generates a link that does not exist. (on port 8000)

When i replace the http statement on port 8000 with https in front and port 443 we have a proper accesable link.

I use apache with seafile 6.0.9, letsencrypt using certbot and am running on https port 443 offcourse.

Can i fix this myself, so that seafile generates proper links for my users?

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What is the value of SERVICE_URL on the sysadmin web setting page ?
Maybe you should change this value to the domain/ip you used.

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Changed that to https://myserver.mydomain.ext i can only check tonight if this solves it for me.

Can you tell me if i can change FILE_SERVER_ROOT as well to the https://myserver.mydomain.ext/seafhttp address ??

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Yes, FILE_SERVER_ROOT is used for file upload/download, you MUST change it to the actual domain you used: https://myserver.mydomain.ext/seafhttp