Your vote counts! Vote for Seafile

Every spring, CloudComputing Insider, a German online news outlet dedicated to all things cloud, asks its users for their opinion regarding cloud solutions. No difference in 2019!

Vote now for Seafile at the Readers’ Choice CloudComputing Insider Award!

This way for the vote: Readers’ Choice CloudComputing Insider Award 2019 (The questionaire is in German, but all category names are English terms, you will also do just fine without undusting your rusty German :wink:)

At the bottom, you must enter your name and email adress so that you cannot vote multiple times. Then you have to click “Ich akzeptiere” (I accept) to agree to the terms and conditions. Underneath the editor’s picture, choose “nein” to not sign up to their newsletter. Finally, skip the list of newsletter topics you don’t want to sign up to and hit “Ich bin mit der Verarbeitung und Nutzung meiner Daten einverstanden” (I agree to the privacy statement above). If you want to know what you agree to, Google Translate is your friend.

Thanks for voting for Seafile!

Already done :grin:


Thanks for notice

Thanks to all that have already voted for Seafile!

Too bad: The company behind the award has not - despite my request - added Seafile to the list of sync & share solutions from which the voters can choose from. So please keep voting for Seafile!