0 byte sized files

Has anyone had any issues with 0 byte size files? I don’t know whether it is due to upgrading the server, or the mix of clients i’m currently using. This is a hard issue to articulate as it is hard to lock down what the problem actually is.

My setup at the moment:


  • Version 7.1.3 (on ubuntu)


  • A mix of seadrive 2.0.1, 2.0.0 on windows machines
  • seaf-cli on a docker instance within a synology nas (using the ‘blackglory’ image)

This server has been operational for a quite a few months now. has been working fine, including the synology docker client. I have been testing the server with a handful of users for the last few months as i intended to deploy it company wide.

Recently upgraded windows clients to seadrive 2.0.0, then a couple to 2.0.1. also upgraded recently from server version 7.0.9 to 7.1.3

The issue:

In the last week or so, i’ve found 0 sized files that have propagated to both the server and clients. For example a spreadsheet that user1 was working on for a couple of days, making changes and edits daily. They were working on the file, and the seadrive icon was saying it was synced to the server.

However when user2 looks at the file on their seadrive, it shows a 0 size.

When looking at the server, the file size is also 0. There is no prior version history for the file on the server. I have checked through the daily backups that we have (on the synology nas), which also shows 0 size all the way back through each backup. its as if the file never uploaded at all ever to the server, but user1 has been modifying the file for the last few days on their windows machine. in this instance we were able to make a copy of the file and name it as a new file, which successfully uploaded to the server.

there is also another scenario, where a file on the user1’s computer shows the proper size (say 13 megabytes), but they are unable to open it, as they get a ‘cloud errror’ when trying to open it. On the server it says 0 bytes size, but on their sync client in windows explorer it shows the correct file size. User1 is unable to copy/paste/move the file to another location. There is no version history available on the server, and the backup shows 0kb size file all the way back. it essentially renders the file as useless/corrupt.

a third scenario is that all of a sudden, when looking at a file in seadrive that has been worked on in the last day or two, it now shows a 0 size. looking at the server and backup show both 0 sizes, so there is no backup to rely on, and no version history on the seafile server to rely on. as if the file never existed apart from it’s name and a 0 size reference.

its only happened for a few random files, but they have been important enough files/lost data that have made us back away from using the test server and/or introducing other users to test it out.

while its a fairly vague explanation of an issue i’ve had, i’m wondering if anyone else has issues along these lines?



You can check the history of the library to see which client uploaded/updated the 0 sized file. That can help locate the cause.