32bit version 6.1 server migration to 64bit server

Hi all,
I have run into a problem whereby I have copied everything from an old 32 bit server onto a new 64 bit server debian 10 (32 bit) to debian 10 (64 bit). I want to overwrite the existing 6.1 (32bit) version on the 64bit OS. I was hoping to get the 6.1_x64.tar.gz installation, but simply cannot find it anywhere. I do not feel comfortable installing version 9_x64 and then running through each upgrade script as the 9_32bit upgrade scripts on the old server failed. I want to upgrade in the safest manner (taking backups of the DB and config files at each stage. The original 32 version had been installed and upgraded over the years since version 3.
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Ideally if anybody has an archived 6.1 64bit linux tar.gz file, that would solve the problem.
Many thanks and kind regards to all

SOLVED - Found an archived version of the 64 bit version and went through the extract and minor upgrade script to get the system up and running on the 64 bit OS

Seahub failed to start so I had to manually install the following in order to get it up and running on the 64 bit server;

python2.7 -m pip install mysqlclient
python2.7 -m pip install python-memcached
python2.7 -m pip install Image