502 Bad Gateway - Seahub does not start

Hey Seafile-Team,

I’m facing a - for me - huge Problem.

My setup is as follows: Debian Jessie 8.0 minimal Installation, seafile Server installed due to a installer script…

I had a problem with sychronizing my folders. So i tried it with a restart of Debian. But after it i face the problem of a 502 Bad Gateway. Seafile-service should start proper - i guess - but seahub did not start. I tried several times but know I do not even know how to solve the problem. Other posts regarding “seahub won’t start” aren’t helpfull since for me it seems like seahub is not pointing out the right directory.

Best regards,

Please check and maybe post Seafile logs especially the seahub related one.
You might find them in /opt/seafile/seafile-server-latest/logs

Now I’m one step further since now I may know the reason for not synching anymore. My wife tried to sync a large folder with Pictures. That leads to the fact that now space was available anymore.

But I’m so sorry because I do not know yet how to proceed.

Stop the client that upload files to Seafile. Remove some not used files in your server to have some space. restart seafile. delete some libraries and clean trash. stop seafile, then run seafile gc to actually removed deleted files. then restart seafile.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much.

But I tried several optiones in this regard. Cleaned the cache, tried autoclean and errased some earlier Installation files. But the problem prevails.

I don’t think that it would be possible to delete some files into “Blocks” or “fs” unless seafile database would be corrupt.

Try to run seaf-gc.sh in the Seafile folder. This will remove unused/deleted blocks and might free up some space.

What file system are you using? Incase it is btrfs try ‘btrfs fi usage /opt’