6.3.1 Smart links may be confusing


On 6.3.1 Pro version, i noticed a new featture called “smart link”.

To my understanding, smart links are used to send direct links to files to loggedin and authorized users (files must be previouly shared)

I think that the feature (or text) may be confusing to users.

On the same line, they can share direct links (smart links) or share the files (button).

Maybe the text could be changed to "Direct link"

And in the popup, add text sur as "Direct link to a shared objet : the object must be previously shared to users ou groups"


Thanks for the feedback.

We will change it to “internal link”

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There’s already a type of link called “seafile internal link” on the explorer context menu. Naming it like that that is just going to make things even more confusing. I think something like “Dynamic link” is a more accurate descriptor.

We will change the explorer context menu to let “seafile internal link” generate this kind of link.

Then smart links will be generated for Seafile Pro and "internal link"s for CE? Because afaik this feature is only available on Pro. Unless smart links get ported over CE it will result even more confusing to have the same action generate two different link types.

@daniel.pan So the team basically removed the “get internal link” feature for CE and changed the behaviour of this function on pro without notice, nice way to support product features…

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The new internal link will be both in CE and PRO edition. The old internal link is removed because some users report that Seafile protocol link is confusing.

I’d suggest that the feature swap gets added to the changelog, just to avoid confusion.

On a side note, while I agree that smart links are much more intuitive for users, the seafile protocol link redirects the user to the file on the local system, which is more useful if a team needs to work on files that can’t be modified on seahub (CAD and BIM files, in our case). It’d be great if this feature could be renamed to “seafile protocol link” maybe and not get removed completely.

Thanks for clarifying that, sorry if my previous post sounded rude.

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