6.3 to 7.0.5 -> Cannot start seafile/seahub.sh

Hello there,

after upgrading my server from 6.3 to 7.0 (not my first upgrade) on Nginx/Ubuntu 16.04 and following the changes to be made for SF 7 to work, seafile and seahub refrain from starting up. I assume it has something to do with the non-root user - before I had used an elevated user account to start and stop seafile and seahub. Now I created the seafile user, gave it the correct permissions for the seafile directories (all files and subdirectories, as in upgrade manual), also deleted the cache directory, edited start scripts, but seafile.sh and seahub.sh return a ‘Permission denied’ when trying to start it directly (and if I use ‘service seafile start’ I get a generic 302/EXEC code). Is there something missing in the upgrade manual, or something very likely to be the case for me that hinders starting my server anymore?

Thanks for your help in advance!

can you post log files and error message ?

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Hi Anthony,

which ones exactly?

journalctl -u service-name.service
nginx log
screen capture of direcory /opt/ /opt/seafile

Here is a screenshot of the directory.
The nginx service, which is running fine, has only had bind failings (but is running with no problems, only seafile and seahub not starting) since yesterday. The seafile and seahub services have only 'code=exited status=203" and ‘Failed to start’ with no hints. It seems a bit that my machine is not allowing an unelevated user to start services, probably.
All seafile logs (from the /seafile/logs directory) don’t show anything since the upgrade.

Sorry to bump, any ideas? Or nothing that normally arises?

I also ran into issues upgrading to 7.0.5 as I needed some modules…

Setting ˋdaemon = Falseˋ in ˋconfig/gunicorn.confˋ should give you more detailed information on your problem :slight_smile:

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Hi schokonsti,

well, I don’t use it for raspberry pi, but your hints just helped me getting started again - I had the modules installed, but obviously in an outdated version which I now succeeded to upgrade. Thanks for the help, Seafile is up and running again, and just producing a few other (though minor) problems. Thanks a bunch!!

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