8.0.2: password protected Upload link

I get “permission denied” when trying to upload via a password protected upload link. I get to the right page, press “Upload>”, choose a file and then the message “Permission denied” appears. Do you have an idea how I can debug this behavior?


Same thing here. When trying to upload, the response of the server is

{"error_msg":"Upload link 62cb2b6aed03409dbf86 is encrypted."}

Can confirm the issue.

Can confirm here as well.
Seafile 8.0.2 (upgraded fromm 7.1.5) - Debian 11, Python 3.9

XHR GET https://<url>/seafile/api/v2.1/upload-links/bcd901afd4d345c088d3/upload/
HTTP/2 403 Forbidden
error_msg	"Upload link bcd901afd4d345c088d3 is encrypted."

Upload shares without password protection work fine.