Ability to configure a deny permission in sub-folders

I would like to request a feature be added to seafile whereby the deny permission can be set on sub-folders within a library. Or alteriatively, whereby users can be given access to a specific sub-folder within a library and not to any others.

Use case as follows - we have a client with several libraries, each containing sub-folders belonging to that particular library. The folders are organised methodically but there is one sub-folder within a particular library that another member of staff needs access to, without being able to see the rest of the content stored in the library.

As far as I can see there is no way to do this currently, other than creating a separate library for the purpose.

Let me know if there is a way of doing this that I am not aware of, or if it is a feature that might be implimented at some point as it would be really handy.

From the Seafile CEO: “We have cancelled the plan to add invisible permission. It turned out to be very difficult to implement when syncing is involved.”

Source: Fine-Grain Folder permissions : invisible - #18 by daniel.pan

Thanks for the quick reply. There is something mentioned in the at thread that makes it sound like a workaround is possible-

Do you know what he is referring to and whether that’s still feasible?

If you want to make one sub-folder visible to a specific user, you can share that sub-folder to that user, without sharing other sub-folders.

Brilliant, thanks for confirming. That is a fine work-around for me :slight_smile: