Access to files with fuse without seaf-fuse


we are using Plesk with Seafile on debian 10 and now wants to restore a Plesk backup at another new server to access files in Seafile there.
At the new Server we cannot start seafile service. I guess this is because the Seafile version from the backup is older than the Seafile at the new server.

So how we can access the files in Seafile if the Seafile service isnt running? The seaf-fuse script would´nt work


I use rclone.
It has built-in support for seafile See Seafile

Hi sawdog,

thanks for that. So it is with rclone possible to simply access the libarys without Seafile to get the specific files in there?

I need a possibility to access to some files that within the Seafile libarys but with no Seafile installed


I found the solution. You can use ./seaf-fsck to export the files which worked