Accessing from LAN and Internet


I’ve just discovered Seafile, what a great product, thank you!

I am having a little trouble with what I’d like to achieve and I wonder if I’m missing something.

I am using Seafile on my LAN, all works great. I want to also access Seafile from outside my house. For this I have setup Cloudflare Tunnels, this all works as expected.

Only problem is that if access Seafile via a URL I need to change FILE_SERVER_ROOT so that it matches the URL or uploads don’t work. Once I have changed that, my local network at home then uploads files via the internet rather than locally over the LAN (this impacts on speed significantly).

My question is, how do I set Seafile so I can access it via a LAN in my home network and then using a URL (for example on my phone) when I am remote?


You can either set the local IP of your server in your router as a DNS entry, or edit your hosts file on your computer.

So if your instance runs on, you would either add a DNS entry that maps to the IP address of your server, or you add a line to your hosts file (under /etc/hosts)

Ah. I have a pihole running, maybe I can do somehting with that. Thanks for the inspiration.

If anyone is interested in making this work this is what I did.

Cloudflare tunels manages external access to my Seafile server. Both the URL and FILE URL point to a https domain. ( At this point external access to the Seafile server is good to go.

The next part is making is so that when I’m on my wifi I don’t go via Cloudflares infastructure and I’m able to take advantage of LAN speeds.

On my LAN I have a pihole running with a custom DNS entry for the same domain used above which points to the server where NGIX proxy manager lives. I need proxy manager as DNS does not allow port redirection and Seafile is running on a custom port (9080).

In NGIX proxy manager I proxy from port 443 to 8090. I need to use https as the external access to Seafile is set to a http URL. To solve this I asked NGINX proxy manager to generate a custom certificate from LetsEncrypt, which isn’t a perfect solution but it does make everything work.

Now I have LAN speed in the house and secure access outside of the house. Bit of leg work invovled but it works well.