Add a "Copy to clipboard" with the QR Codes

When we create a share link within SeaHub, we can also generate a QR Code. But unfortunately there is no easy way to copy or download it.
Could you add a “Copy to clipboard” button next to the generated QR Code ?

That would be just great !

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The QR code is an image. Generally, you can make a screenshot of it, then copy to other place.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to copy the QR code.

When I right-click the QR code, the context menu does not offer a “copy” option (the screenshot is from Chrome, but it’s just the same with Firefox.)

The context menu option “Save as” allows me to save something as HTML. This is not the QR code.

Hence the way I have done it in the past: I fire up Windows’ snipping tool and cut it out. Then I have it in the clipboard. But it’s very inconvenient. I guess many less experienced users don’t even know of the snipping tool.

Finally, the text underneath says “Scan the QR code to view the shared content directly.” Who is this information for - the Seafile user sharing or the person meant to scan the QR code? It seems to me that it is an instruction for the latter. But why show it here?

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I agree with Ralf. I didn’t say that there is no way to do it, but my idea was to make it easier.

We will give it a check.

@RomainC : This is what the context menu for the QR code beginning with Seafile Professional 8.0.12 looks like:

I think you can mark this feature request as solved!

@daniel.pan: Thanks

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That’s great, thanks for the update !