Add a mounted drive to server and share as a users's library

I am looking to do something quite specific. I would like to add a mounted drive (in this case it’s /mnt/drive/) as a library to on of my users.

Can this be done? I don’t see it listed in the manual. I apologize if I missed it.

You mean something like that Seafile Drive client is ready for testing!

No, I think that solution it slightly backwards. Correct me if I am wrong.

That solution seems to be a client that you install on machine B which connects to server A and allows you to work with the files on machine B but not actually sync them to machine B. The client machine B is able to work on the files while they rest on server A.

What I would like to do is take a folder that is on a mounted folder of server A and sync it to machine B in a remote location to backup the mounted folder.

Seafileserver is on A?
Maybe the CLI of seafile is an solution.
But you have to add the folder to the seafileserver as libary. So you will “Double” your Data in the seafile Data folder.
So You might getting a Problem with free hdd space?

I guess its better to Run seafile Server on B and use CLI Client to sync your mounted folder from A to B.

So the whole picture is this.

NAS --> server A (with Seafile Server) --> computer B (seafile client)

I would like to sync a folder from NAS on Computer B using Seafile Server.

The NAS is mounted on Server A as /mnt/NAS

I think thats not possible (with seafile) without using same hdd space for seafile Data folder as of the Data in mnt/nas.
You have to sync the mnt/nas to the seafileserver (local) in a libary - then you can sync it everywhere.

That’s what I want to avoid. If I run a Seafile server from a Raspberry PI then I won’t have the resources to host my ~2TB of data.

I’m looking for a solution for the same thing. I have an external drive with docs in it and I want to start using as seafile base (so i can see the files in it without sync), then I will be able to use seafile in regular way.

Sorry for reviving this threat, but i’m running against the same problem. Now here is my 2 cents.

The Seafile librarys are stored in the ‘Seafile_data’ folder on the seafile server, right?. So what if you move the Seafile_data folder to /mnt/NAS and make a symbolic link to the original location. This way you store everything on your mounted nas drive without corrupting the seafile server itself, since it is still able to read the data because of the symbolic link.

Hyped for your thoughts. greetings.

I think what you described is different from what’s been discussed here. If you want to move seafile-data to another filesystem then that’s not an issue, you can do that as you described, using a symbolic link. Make sure the files have been copied without introducing any corruption (look into the sha256sum command) and that the directory is correctly mounted before the server starts.

What has been discussed here is not possible. Seafile arranges the contents of a library in a highly optimized way that as a bonus also avoids duplications. This is the main reason why sync is so fast and reliable. If you want to sync something with seafile, you have to put it inside a library, and libraries have to comply with this format for them to actually be libraries :stuck_out_tongue: .

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