Add an external drive to Seafile server?

Hi, I have Seafile Server setup on ubuntu 16.04 and would like to add additional storage. I have two 2TB HDD that I want to connect to the server.

How do I do this without copying all the files to the Seafile data folder? Thank you!

I’m not quite shure if I understand your request right. Do you want to add existing data from your HDD to seafile or do you want to expand your seafile storrage using empty HDD.
If it is the first option you want, you will have to transfer your data to seafile since seafile stores data in blocks. The transfer can be done by seafile’s web interface, webdav or the cli tools.
If you want to expand your existing seafile storrage, you will have to move your seafile storrage directory and tell seafile about the new location in seafile.ini. To use more than one physical drive you might need to use LVM to build a logical volume.

It’s the first option. I have videos and documents on those drives that are accessed by other programs as well. That means I can’t move all the files since that would break a lot of things. Just want to be able to reach those files from the Seafile web interface.

In that case you have to will have to sync your data to seafile which would result in redundant storrage. Webdav might be an option, but not all programms allow are able to use it. Seafile might not be the right tool for your demands. I personally use airsonic (a fork of subsonic) to access my media files via a web interface. maybe it’s worth a look.

If I understand this correctly you want to sync things outside the directories designated for libraries. If the data is always available to the system (it’s not in removable storage) you can use symbolic links and junctions to the directories you want from the library folder, there are several articles out there explaining the procedure (, seafile on windows will follow junctions, idk about symbol links thought. I don’t think that seafile has a dedicated solution for syncing removable storage.