Add DIFF Tool to Seafile


I would really like to have the possibility to show differences between file-versions.
Such a feature would be great for text based files like TXT, SQL, LOG, C, H, CPP, CS, JAVA, …


Open the hsitory page of a file, you can see the diff.


Oh, I have not seen that before :blush:
Thank you for your hint :slight_smile:


I have another question regarding the diff between file versions:
Is there a way to specify which file types should be comparable?


I would also like to specify which files to “diff” For example, R code files don’t have diff enabled, but we’d like to allow that among others.

1 - Can diff work for .ODT files?
2 - Is it possible to get a diff between 2 different files that have a File Conflict?
3 - is there some way to merge between docs that have a conflict?

I’ve got myself in a tangle editing the local copy of a file, before syncing with the upstream source, and now trying to untangle it. LibreOffice has compare and merge functions, but it’s difficult for me to see the differences between the older version I edited, and the newer version my colleagues had edited, because all my changes are in the way.

I’m giving up now, and going home - but tomorrow I’ll copy both versions to plain text and do a manual diff.

If, in the meantime, there is some magic functionality in seafile that I’m missing… that would be amazing.
If it doesn’t exist, maybe it’s something to look at as a feature request!

Thanks to everyone who works on seafile - it’s awesome :smile: I love it!

Just work online and these problems are gone. Multiple user can work on the same document together at the same time, just like in Google docs.

This is not a helpful response.

If I could work that way, I would. If I was working that way, I would not have the problem, and would not have described the problem here. I have trialled Libreoffice online, it’s simply not as mature as google docs.

Or did you have something more constructive in mind? Do you know of a way to work collaboratively online, in real time with Seafile with LibreOffice? I would love to know how. That would be a useful and constructive response.

I don’t have time to write long responses all the time. This is just one possible solution to your problem as another fix ( proper merging) might take longer to implement.
And I won’t write a solution in details again when it was written about in the forum several times already.

We use the onlyoffice document server in a docker container which works fine with multiple people. All collaborators have to open and edit the document via the Seafile webinterface. There are several posts about how to set it up in the forum.
Of course all people need write access to those files, but I guess that’s clear. :slight_smile:

It won’t come. I’m not aware of any major office software that is able to merge two versions of a document automatically.

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