Add file search in seafile community edition


Can we please have basic file search added to the web gui in the open source version? Don’t need full text content search capabilities, but it would be really nice to at least be able to search by file name in each library on the web. This is a pretty basic feature that I think is sorely missing.

Open to everybody’s thoughts on this. Chime in!

Feature request added in Github:

Add basic file search for community edition on raspberry pi
What is the newest seafile client?

A well working file name search is even missing in the pro edition. Could be a good idea do develop one and integrate it into both.


Let’s push this. Basic search is missed by almost all users I support.


One thing that’s confused me, is in the new version of Seafile client, the Cloud File Browser has a search bar at the top! But when you try and use it it says failed to get files information… Like they’re mocking us with it :grin:


Does the server have the professional edition installed?


No it does not, which is why I’m confused of why it shows the search bar in the community version at all


It’s a bug.


Guessed so, was a small hope there might be some sort of file name search implemented


They don’t understand other concepts on how to gain more customers I guess.
They may do fine but could do better.


Bumping back to the top. This needs to stay active until we get a yay or nay from the developers :slight_smile:

If you want this feature, speak up in here!


Simple file search would be great!




Here’s to hoping with the multiple file search changes in pro that were just released, the next version of Community will have file search in it!


So you speak code? :smiley:


@arjones85 :grinning:


No, it was in the changelog


It’s been a bit since this was at the top so everyone can see. Time to bump it again.

We still want file search in seahub! :slight_smile:



Can we please get an official response on if this is going to be planned or not? This would be a great feature to add!


I’m sorry we don’t have a plan to add file search to CE recently.


Downvote. This is sad.

Basic filesearch could at least be implemented to assist users in using Seafile properly.
Right now one has to remember where the required files are stored, which makes Seafile unflexible and people may choose other solutions for they have basic file search…