Adding users to group: LDAP users not found

Hello everybody!

Since upgrading to Seafile server 7.0.5, when I try to add a user to a group, only those who logged in before are found. User who are only registered in the LDAP database but are not yet imported into Seafile do not show up. This is different from previous versions.

We add new users to groups often. We want first time users to see their groups immediately when they start using Seafile. I really hope the new behaviour is a bug and not a feature …

Interesting: Adding users that are only in the LDAP database still works when I use the admin panel ➔ groups ➔ specific group ➔ members ➔ add member. This modal looks like the old one in version 6.x.x and prior. But this is only available to admin.

Is this a bug? What can I do to get this out of the way? Any help would be deeply appreciated. This is a major pain for us …

In the new version, only users that have imported to Seafile database will be shown in auto-completion.

Users in LDAP server are considered to be external users and are not visible in Seafile. (Just as in the case of Single Sign On via Shibboleth or other methods.)