Additional Permissions on Share Links

Hi There,

I am working with a customer and they are wondering if it would be possible to have it so that there is either:

  • An extra permission that allows users to create folders from the Shared Links or
  • Allow all shared links to have the ability to create folders through them.

This is critical as they are a design agency and also have out-sourced staff that only work on specific clients, so they should only have the links for those clients.

Please let me know if there is anything (front or back-end) that I can change to possibly make this work? (As they don’t want to dramatically increase their user count also for security).

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Currently if you create an upload/download link, the be-shared user can upload a whole folder and thus create folders.

Hi @daniel.pan

2 things on this:

  1. Is there a setting that you need to enable to allow people to upload folders through share links? As I am currently unable to validate this on my current install?

  2. Is there/would there be the ability to create folders from the share link? I am getting pestered by the customer again as they would like this to be the ‘normal’ as they deal with a lot of design work and it can be time consuming having to create the structure for the customer.

Kind regards,

Users can upload folders through the share link, at least it is supported by Chrome browser. There is no such a setting.

Is there/would there be the ability to create folders from the share link?

The folder structure will be created if user upload a folder.

Ah okay, I have checked with the customer and they were wondering whether this would be possible to put in as a feature?

So have it that people with view/edit/download can also create folders within their share link (I have setup a temporary user for the minute)

We don’t have a plan to implement such a feature yet.

No problem @daniel.pan

Just a last one, I have just gone to test the folder uploading through Chrome, but I am unable to do so?

Is there a setting that I need to change / specific version of Seafile that I need to be on for this to work?

There are no special settings or special version requried.

Hi Dan,

Strange that, only because I tried on Chrome and I am unable to upload full folders at the moment?

I’m currently running 10.0.11 Pro if that’s any different?