Admin checking users' files

Is there any way that allows the admin can control all files of any user on the server?

No one notices on this question? Now, I am facing to this issue: a client wants to sync all data of all users to a hard disk, and save it in local office, so they can make sure they have a backup anyway.

But if an admin cannot see libraries of other users, how can the admin do the sync from the server to a hard disk?

Any advice?

I’m not certain I understand the question, but as an admin, you have access to the libraries of others from the Web UI. You can locate the library and then share it with another user, including yourself, and then you can sync it. There may be an easier way to do it, but that’s the way I’ve always done it.

Like on a Linux server, when you access to SSH at root level, you can access to all data. I just noticed that I can share libraries myself, but then when having more users, any time sync, the admin will need to check again the list of libraries, do the share again… Not mentioning to a chance of missing one or two single libraries.

why not just us the included ways to backup your Seafile server?

@Weeehe, that is the method I use, but encrypted libraries are unusable if backing up the repository and then trying to restore them to a new install. At least that’s the way it was through ver 5. Haven’t tried it since version 6.

@hungpham - You might want to try posting that as a feature request in the forum.

In the past versions it was possible to click any library in the list and see its content. For some reason this feature was removed. :frowning:

Oh, now it’s a premium feature:


Afaik this isn’t new and has been like that for years…