After sync of a folder all data lost


I have activated a folder sync, But the local folder was empty and no the folder on the server is also empty. How can I recover the data.
I do have an old copy of my seafile data avalable. So I can use these old data ??


You can restore a old version of the folder via the webUI.


Hi bionade24, I can’t find a option in WebUI for that.


Bin or clock icon within the library itself.


Oh, I see, thx. But it’s also empty.


You might not have enabled versioning.


It doesn’t matter as long as the garbage collector hasn’t been run in the meantime.


I will try to copy the ibrary from my backup into the server folder and hope I can restore it. I know there was a command for checking/restoring the libraries, but I can’t find it in the moement


There are only seaf-fsck and seaf-gc. But can you restore libaries by writing the folder into the table?


I don’t need to restore db.It’s all usable/available. I only need a working daemon and gui.


OK, I have installed seafile-deamon and seafile-gui via terminal. no error. I can find the SF icon under Software but it isn’t starting ??


OK, after removing seafile* via terminal and reinstall via “Applications” it’s working. Gui is available and sync was starting.
Thx for your help.