AGPL implications

Hello everyone,

I am curious about the implications of the AGPL license on the seafile CE server software. I understand that if someone were to modify the seafile server and use it to deliver a service, the modifications would have to be licensed with the AGPL and made available to end users.

To what extent does the seafile server AGPL license affect other components that interact with a seafile server? For instance, can one develop a proprietary component that uses the Seafile HTTP API? How ‘viral’ is the AGPL license when it comes to components that communicate with seafile server?


Even to the configs. If you interact directly with a AGPL part, you have to open source everything except private data, passwords, IPs & domains.

IMHO, if you have an (in-house or even public) application, that communicates with the seafile daemon over the HTTP-API, you need not make its sources available to anybody. OTH, if you modify seahub itself, your users will get the right to inspect the modified sources.

That seems to be what is implied by the licences for seafile-iOS and seahub. They are both Apache-licensed, which means that someone could modify the code for them, but not be required to open source the modifications.

@hungerburg did you mean to say “if you modify seafile itself”?

@franksmithxyz Probably, not sure though; see too; was meant as an example anyways