Android APP reupload everything


I Actually experience some trouble with my seafile community server.
My android phone re-upload every photos to the server even if I remove them from the seafile folder (via the app)

The only solution I have for the moment is to disable the photo upload from the app… but I need this feature…

I don’t understand why… the phone re upload over 600 photos… my other device don’t have any trouble
And no error on the server …

Server : CE 6.3.4
Android APP : 2.2.13

Any ideas ?


This happened between Android App v2.2.11 and 2.2.12. As long as you don’t delete the source file (on the phone), the file is uploaded (again) when not existent in the target (Seafile server).

Kind of annoying in my workflow, too. You could downgrade back to 2.2.11.

Great… Thanks
Do you know if an issue has been open on github(dot)com/haiwen/seadroid/issues/ ?
I don’t find anything.


Can’t find a corresponding issue either. But maybe it’s not a bug but a feature?! I guess it depends on your personal workflow.