Android App: Uploading PDF from download folder?


is it possible to upload files beside “pictures and videos”? Seafile runs like a charm but I can’t figure out how to sync or upload a PDF previously downloaded on my Android Phone.

Thanks in advance.



I can select pdf files and use the share feature in the file explorer - select seafile, select library and upload.
It might not work with every file explorer though, I’ve had a case with a different file explorer app where it told me that “This share is not supported”

Hope this helps

Hi squirrel,

yes. That works. There is a “share” feature around every corner which works fine. However, I don’t want the extra effort to share every downloaded file manually. I thought about syncing or uploading the complete Android download folder as soon as a file is added. Not just pictures and videos. I wonder if I misunderstand the overall concept of the seafile Android client?!?



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There is no syncing functionality in the Android app (except photos). But you can use apps like FolderSync to synchronize any data with Seafile via webdav. Syncing can be scheduled, so it works more or less automatically in the background.

OK, understood. Thanks for letting me know this work-around.