Android App uses wrong SSL certificate // no trusted SSL server

Hi guys,

I’m facing a strange issue on my Seafile 7.0.5 with my Phone (android 9) and also on my tablet (android 7). App version is 2.2.21, I didn’t changed anything on the seafile server since the last ~ 2,5 months. Last change was update from release 7.0.4 to7.0.5

Since a couple of day the android app shows me the message “no trusted ssl server” when I’m using it.
it also displays an unkown ssl certificate:

When I’m using the chrome browser on the same android device and access my seafile web portal the correct SSL certificate is shown/in use:

Has the server been hacked/is this a bug of the android client?

I couldn’t find any suspicious in terms of SSL certificates in the server logs.


Maybe your nginx cypher doesn’t fit the Android device. I had a similar issue. Check this thread

thanks for the feedback. This cipher parameter already exists in the config (managed by letsencrypt) of the web server. I just checked the web server with SSL-Labs and it shows “incorrect server configuration”. I think it’s faster to set up a new server than analysing/troubleshoot this error. Also just to be sure that the server has not been hacked.