Android app using massive amounts of disk space

Hello there, i am trying to use seafile android to backup the files on my phone. however it seems that for whatever reason the app is making a copy of the files it uploads. this results in my phone quickly running out of space entirely since i am trying to backup more files than there is free space left.

i don’t understand why seafile would be making a copy of the files before sending them or at least why its not clearing the file out when its done. Is there any way for me to disable this behavior i cant find anything in the settings.

This is a design tradeoff. If the files are not copied, there will be other issues.

You can remove cached files in Seafile app settings.

I see, This seems like a huge trade. it means effectively cutting device storage in half if you want to use seafile for backups. what other issues would not making a copy cause? its unfortunate this is the case since it kinda makes backups with seafile unusable due to the aforementioned running out of space from duplication.

perhaps an extra add option like “upload as backup” for sending large amounts of files without making the copy might be possible? thanks for your reply btw.

Hi Daniel. I am trying to learn the design and implementation of Seadroid and also feel confused about making file copies. Could you please tell me the issues without making copies in the design of Seadroid? To my understanding, file copies are to prevent files from being modified when uploading. Thank you very much!

Once, we changed the code to avoid copying files but it lead to some problems. So we changed it back.

I can’t remember the exact problems.

Hey there. Hope it’s already been fixed. It’s definitely confusing when an Android app uses up too much disk space. As for the file copy issue, my understanding is that copying files can help prevent them from being modified when you’re uploading them, but it can also take up a lot of space on your OCR service?