Android App v3.0.0 "Out of quota"

I use Android app to sync my photos of the smartphone.
Since version 3.0.0, I can’t no more sync photos, it says “Out of Quota”.
No quota is defined, no problem with web UI, no problem with linux client.
Thanks for the help.


I’ve exactly the same issue since the upgrade to seafiledroid 3.0.

Note that I was on seafile server 9 and I thought that maybe upgrading to seafile 11 will fix the issue but I still have the issue.

Note that now I’ve the last seafile version 11.0.9 and I still have the issue.

Look like that the new app doesn’t handle when the quota is set to 0 which mean “no quota”.

As a temporary workaround I set a quota to 2To and if solved the issue.

Same issue here. Has this been officially escalated as a bug to the Seafile folks?

Yes, here: Alpha version 3.0.0 not uploading files and crashing · Issue #1001 · haiwen/seadroid · GitHub

Thanks for the link!