Android Camera Upload - Unable To Select Remote Library

I am running the client Android App Version 2.1.17 on a Nexus 5X. My server is Seafile-Server-6.2.2.
All files sync between devices and mobile phone OK and I am able to download files onto the phone.

However, when I switch on “Turn on Camera Upload” I follow along by swiping through the setup wizard. When I get to the “Select Remote Library” page I see my account listed but have the message “Please set up an account in Seafile first”. There are no other buttons or menu options allowing me to do anything. When I complete the wizard “Turn on Camera Upload” is set to off with the message “Upload service stopped”.

Any help to fix this much appreciated.

In fact, it was any easy fix. The Android client requires a library on the server that is unencrypted. All my libraries were encrypted, so I simply created a new unencrypted library and linked the camera upload to that.