Android/IOS apps to backup phone data

Hi Just looking to see what people use to backup their phone data to their seafile server

Android for me

you just use the seafile app ? or a different app ?

I use 2 synchronization software.
Seafile and Résilio Sync.
Seafile is for sharing with friends, family, website (forum) and also for uploading of photos and video … the list is too long.
Resilio sync is to synchonize between my servers big data and media files (movie 4k …) and the replication of data between my servers. The advantage of resilio compared to seafile is that it duplicates the data simply, it does not store in a specific format the data like seafile. . The defect of resilio sync is that it does not have as much option to share files and data between user, the interface is simplistic
With these 2 programs I can do everything. But for a normal user, seafile alone is very good.
Here is my personal config that I use with Seafile Pro version:
Dell PowerEdge R320
Debian 8
Processor: 1x Intel® Xeon® E5 1410 v2 - 4C / 8T @ 2.8 Ghz
Storage 3x 6TB SATA Raid 5
500 Mbit / s bandwidth

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I’m using the FolderSync App with SeafDAV (on the server side) on Android. It allows uploading any folder to a specific folder on your Seafile Server using WebDAV. You can schedule the upload, select what conditions need to apply (wifi name, whether the phone needs to be powered, …) and define conditions when a file should be uploaded.

Are you guys running on Windows or linux ?

I run Seafile on a Linux server with Linux, Windows, iOS and Android clients.

What steps did you follow to enable seafdav on your linux box ? thinking it may be easier to run this of ubuntu


I’m using Seafile with Nginx on Debian Jessie. It runs stable since 2014.

Are you using an ssl cert ?

yes, I use let’s encrypt it’s free and works well

I’m sure like on Android phone you can set up a Google account , then send to your data from your phone to Google account … then login into computer with Google account, export them on your computer to backup them ,
I used to use backup Android messages on computer in this way ,

For me to backup data , no matter what i want to backup Android or iPhone data , the Mobiledic Phone Transfer Tool can still help me , Mobiledic Phone Transfer Tool is the outstanding data transfer program which can transfer and backup phone for user. It supports to backup Android text messages on computer ,

Nice share!

I use sea file for everything except for movies. For that I use resilio sync and that runs between the two media servers I have in the US which run Plex.

Oh ,Don’t ignore the iPhone app for backup ,these are some free ways to do ,
Like the iPhone backup or iPhone transfer tool ,Gmail account and more ,

On my side, I would like to backup the phone data on the computer, and there are many ways can support me to backup Android phone data on computer, just search a reliable data backup tool, and then you can quickly backup all the data as you like.

can you use 2fa with SeaDav and the Android FolderSync App ?

Afaik SeafDav bypasses 2FA, so far.

no - 2fa is not active for webdav.

imho this should also be mentioned in the manual, as the activation of webdav creates a higher security risk.