Android: no login possible any more

Hi all,

I can’t login from Android Client 2.1.3 any longer to Seafile-Server 5.1.4.Worked before with older (server and client versions) but now It says “loading” until there is a timeout. But:
login from the same app to another Server (Seafile-Pro 4.0.3) works.
login from Windows Client to the Seafile-Server 5.1.4 works, too.
Any idea?

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I have no problems login in to my 5.1.4 Server with the current app. Maybe your problem is based on this commit: Delete

I forget to mention another difference: server 5.1.4 is SSL, pro-server 4.0.3 just HTTP, no ssl. Do you use ssl with your server?
I have un- and reinstalled the app. No difference.

Yes, with a Let’s Encrypt certificate. And I am using nginx.
What are you log-files saying?

This is not related.

We only delete from the default server list. But not block it. It can still be used.

Nothing under /var/log.
Nothing in seafile logs.
Only this in controller.log:
[07/30/16 10:01:30] seafile-controller.c(399): failed to read pidfile /opt/seafile/pids/ Success [07/30/16 10:01:40] seafile-controller.c(117): bad pidfile format: /opt/seafile/pids/ [07/30/16 10:01:40] seafile-controller.c(399): failed to read pidfile /opt/seafile/pids/ Success [07/30/16 10:01:50] seafile-controller.c(117): bad pidfile format: /opt/seafile/pids/ [07/30/16 10:01:50] seafile-controller.c(399): failed to read pidfile /opt/seafile/pids/ Success

But I don’t know whether this has something to do with it?

BTW: Login from Apple/iOS to same server works!

@Jochen Please install the old version and try again.

Tried older versions down to 2.0.0, doesn’t work either.
Interesting: version 2.1.3 can login to other seafile servers (seafile pro 4.0.3 without ssl) and also to with ssl. So there should be no problem with the app(version), nor with newly installed Android 6 on my phone but maybe with my seafile-server?
What did I change there? Update to 5.1.4 and installed a new ssl certificate, since my old one has expired. Could there be a problem with the new certificate? But on the other hand, my wife can login from iOS and also webaccess and windows client is working.
What else could I test?

Thanks for your help and best regards,

I think it is probably caused by changing of ssl certificate and Seafile client remember the old certificate file. Have you tried remove the app completely and do a fresh install?

Yes, I un- and reinstalled seafile app. No change.

Don’t forget to delete configs in you user directory of your OS as well! I think they will remain even if you uninstalled the software. This is mostly standard behaviour for apps on Windows (Linux l, too).

OS is Android 6. Uninstalled seafile again and wiped everything I could find.
After installing again, still the same behaviour.
No SSL warnings or errors like described in another thread, after entering servername (with or without port 443) and login credentials and cklicking login it is just saying “Lade” (load)… and nothing more.
Any other idea?

Have you removed CA from Android system settings?

No, I haven’t. But now I’ve deleted CA, un- and reinstalled seafile but still same behaviour.

Is there an answer for this problem yet? just updated my server from 4.0.6 (wasnt online for a loooong time :D) to 6.0.5. Downloaded the most recent Andorid Client 2.1.6. Same problem.

My windows client and webinterface works…

I had the same probleme. Checking my ssl configs via ssllabs i got the following chain issues: Incorrect order, Extra certs, Contains anchor. After resolving those three issues made me able to login on my android phone