[Android] Save contacts not working?

Does anyone successfully use the function to save the contacts? When I try it, it shows me a screen where I can select the target library. Then I can click Save, but nothing happens and the option is still disabled. The app has the right to read the contacts. The installed Android version is 7.1.1.

It’s a known problem that started with the new Oreo OS for Android… BTW, I think you meant 2.1.1, or 2.2.1.

Wait… never mind… Thought you were saying the Seafile version was 7.1.1. I misread it. I do know that contacts backup does not work with Android 8.X. Don’t know about version 7.

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Thanks for the confirmation, then I can stop figuring out how to activate it. I hope the developers get the function running again.

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