Android synchronisation


my server runs with actual software on ubuntu and the phone with the newest app. Everythings works fine but the synchronistion with my Phone not. I searched for reasons and read the most (very) old topics about that but couldn’t find any solution.

Did anyone know when that will be solved in the App? Or are there workarounds?

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The current version of the official Android app is not capable to keep folders/files in sync.
Whereas the upload of photos should work fine. (With some bugs) but in general it works more or less.

At luckycloud we developed a full featured sync app that works very well and stable. Currently this app only works with our service but we are planning to allow custom server names in near future. [Writing as Seafile community member. This is not supposed to be a marketing post or something!]

Where can the app be found (edit: it is in development)? I can only see a slightly modified version of the official Seafile app which does not seem to have synchronization.

And to be honest it also contains questionable (if not wrong) marketing content.

Speichern Sie Ihre Daten sicher in der Zero Knowledge Cloud von luckycloud - garantiert keine Sicherheitslücken und Datenverarbeitung ausschließlich in zertifizierten Rechenzentren in Deutschland.

How can you guarantee it? I doubt you’ve done a formal verification and certification of the implementation.

Die verschlüsselte Sync- and Share Plattform eignet sich für Unternehmen und Privatpersonen mit hohen Ansprüchen an Sicherheit, Performance und Zuverlässigkeit.

Yes, there is transport encryption which any 0815 service has. But unless a user manually encrypts a library (which implies limitations) and is not really developed an maintained well (Encrypted libraries leak lots of information · Issue #350 · haiwen/seafile · GitHub).

nicht einmal luckycloud-Mitarbeiter in Ihre Daten einsehen können.

This is also questionable. For Seafile it only applies for encrypted libraries and even for these only partly. E.g. filenames are not encrypted and when entering the library password on the web (or in the app (?)) it is transferred to the server and cached for some time.

Daten sicher in der sichersten Cloud Deutschlands speichern, zugreifen & teilen

You really think you’re more secure than Google and other Cloud Providers (which also provide cloud services hosted in Germany)?

I understand that you have to market your platform / offer but please don’t do false promises.


Synchronize ultimate allows you to sync anything on your phone to a document provider which luckily the seafile app implements. Just take care not to dump a million files into one directory, as the app will take forever to sync.


Any sync app capable of webdav will do.I personally use folder sync to backup my Android devices document folder to Seafile. This option is limited to non encrypted libraries though.

is another one like AutoSync that has WebDAV now. I like the interface more than Synchronize Ultimate, not sure how much difference there is besides that.

I am honestly not a fan of WebDAV, got excited when I saw SynchronizeUltimate, but it does not work. Any file I update on my device returns a 403 when trying to sync. Did Seafile change their API recently?


I recently tried out Synchronize Ultimate, but it doesn’t work because of missing two factor auth token.
I didn’t find where I could add my two factor code, does it mean I cant use this app with two factor auth enabled??

You do not need to give synchronize ultimate your log in credentials to sync to android document providers.

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