Android upload fails on large videos

Looking around I haven’t found any info on the issue I’m seeing so I thought I’d post up here. First the setup info:

  • seafile behind caddy
  • using a CIFS mounted share for seafile-data
  • using MySQL as the database
  • Android client
  • Max upload limit set to 200mb

When I go to upload a smaller video (say 4mb) from my Android device everything seems to work. The issue is when I try to upload a larger video, in this case ~60mb, the upload fails. The strange thing is I don’t see anything in the seafile.log file. The other strange thing is the large uploads start and I can see the progress and then at some point (it’s random) the progress bar essentially resets and starts over again.

Cancel that, figured out the issue :slight_smile: The default timeout for caddy is 10s so I just increased that and now things are working!