Annoying error messages for read-only sync

I have a folder/library that is synced in read-only mode. I work with elementaryOS a derivate of ubuntu 16.04. Linux run on ext3 formated disk partition. The synced folder on my machine is on a disk that is formated in ntfs file-system and accessed with Paragon ufsd driver. The disk is automounted on boot up. I use the current Seafile Client from the official ppa repository, the server is a Pro version hosted by my University. I have no controll/admin-access to the server installation.

When I synced the read-only library yesterday after a while (The Seafile Client did not work at all and yesterday I finally got it work again) I got for some minutes error messages stating that I changed files and these files will not be updated to the server (which is what I expect from a read-only sync if I really changed something). I think I did not change anything but thougt that due to the long period I did not sync maybe something went wrong.

I therefor decided to cancel the sync, disconnect the folder/library and start a new sync of the read-only library to an empty new folder. The sync itself worked fine but now I get on every system start-up (i.e. start of Seafile Client) for about 3 Minutes a series of sync-error messages seemingly for each of the files in the folder. I am absolutely sure that I did not change any of the files. When looking at the folder on OS level the only thing “new” I can see is, that linux generated the subfolders in the synced library/folder and these folders are dated with yesterdays day of creation.

How can I delete these anoying and missleading error messages and prevent new ones to appear when new files are synced to my computer?

Are these error messages regular behavior of Seafile client or did something went wrong with my specific configuration?

Perhaps you are using an older version of the client? This bug has been fixed some time ago.

I installed and update seafile client through the official ppa:
Seafile shows the version number: 7.0.4

The issue should have been fixed in 7.0.2 version. So it should not be that.

This is the possible cause. You can check the file sync errors via the system tray menu. There you can find exact path for the new files/folders.

Thank you for your reply. I can see the files and file path in the system tray menu under “sync errors”. They are all in the different sub-folders of the synced folder/library.
These sub-folders are all created by Seafile in the very act of syncing to my hdd. AFIK it is regular Linux behavior that folders get the date of the last change. Because the folder is created by Seafile it is beyond my influence. So my problem is how Seafile recognizes that for the folders it creates a date newer than the folder on the cloud does not mean that the folder or its contend is changed on the local machine. The individual files are dated correctly with their original date.

i am also seeing this for a while now: it’s a read-only library that was synced one or two years ago and always kept up to date (ubuntu 18.04, ordinary ext4 file system, seafile server 7.0.5 and client 7.0.4). at some point a few months ago, the client began flooding me with sync errors for files i am told i had changed and which couldn’t be synced back to the server. but i didn’t touch them at all.

OK. I’ve reproduced the issue and we will fix it.