AntiVirus Scan error


I’m using Seafile since 4 years, and now I enabled AntiVirus with ClamAV, but after I create the entries in seafile.conf and tested anti virus scan with:

./pro/ virus_scan

I got this error:

[01/30/2021 16:29:23] [INFO] [seafevents] database: mysql, name: seahub-db
[01/30/2021 16:29:23] [INFO] [seafevents] database: mysql, name: seafile-db
[01/30/2021 16:29:25] [INFO] The file with the following suffix will be recorded into the file history: md,txt,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx
[01/30/2021 16:29:25] [ERROR] Failed to fetch repo list from db: Repo.
[01/30/2021 16:29:25] [DEBUG] No repo, skip virus scan.

Did anybody know a fix?


In 8.0 still not fixed

hm, I just also got hit by this. @Jonathan I cannot believe that this is a general bug. do you have any idea what the problem is?

What is your seafile version and what is the version of SQLAlchenmy in your environment?

Execute the following SQL statement in the database to see if it is normal:
select r.repo_id, b.commit_id from Repo r, Branch b where r.repo_id = b.repo_id and = "master" and r.repo_id not in (select repo_id from VirtualRepo)

thanks for your reply.

we are using seafile-pro-server-7.1.17 but will upgrade in a few days.

your SQL query runs fine (seafile-db) and return the list of repos. both without any errors and about the number of libraries I would expect.

any other things I could try?

You can restart the seafile program, the content of the error is that the above SQL statement was executed with an error, maybe your program did not read the database configuration correctly