Any Way to add a Folder or a library in "Favorites" area

Hello all,

User / GUI feature request for the Web UI interface:

I know I can add a file in the “Favorites” area by clicking on the star in front of a file in a library.
But I can’t do it for a FOLDER somewhere in a library or for a whole LIBRARY.
It could be usefull to do it, as a shortcut when you have many levels or deeply nested folders in a library…
So you could go directly in the wanted folder in a single click.

Is it possible to “add to Favorites” feature for a Folder or a Library (as it was a file) as a new feature ?

Jb Vernejoux

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Currently this is not working, I remember that i already made a feature-request in the past based on a customer requirement.

Should be part of Seafile server CE since 7.0.3.

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Hi, I just found that this is working due your comment, thank you for that. This works well in webinterface. On my android device I can also see the favorited folder in favorites but when i click on it nothing happens? Seems to be a bug.

Edit: Opened a bug report in github.

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