Apache Mode-evasive


I’m facing many blocked good addresses with apache mode-evasive activated.
Is it a configuration available to tune it for seafile?

I’ve just had a short look and for what I see mod_evasive is not suited for being used with Seafile. It’ll mainly block your users.

Thanks for your reply.
What is best to use, I have Fail2Ban installed.
Which modules are required for Apache?

Ok, I’ve remove apache mode_evasive and security2.
My Fail2Ban jail conf is as follow:
Jail list: apache-auth, apache-badbots, apache-botsearch, apache-common, apache-fakegooglebot, apache-modsecurity, apache-nohome, apache-noscript, apache-overflows, apache-pass, apache-shellshock, botsearch-common, pam-generic, php-url-fopen, recidive, seafile, sshd, sshd-ddos

Let me know if someone see a jail to add or modify.