API enhancements

After going through most of the API, I encountered some issues and stumbled onto features that would be a great addition to seafile. This post is the conclusion of my experience here:

  1. Directory listing should have a field starred for files, at the moment that information is missing (is confirmed to be fixed)
  2. Add the possibility to get the permission (r or rw) of a specific folder, at the moment only the permission of the library is exposed.
  3. Please expose the notifications that are already visible in seahub (this one is important for me)
  4. Please expose browsable snaphots (a solution would be to be able to provide a commit_id to the directory listing endpoint). At the moment it seems to be impossible to get this information via the api.
  5. The File history is not accessible via the api for files that are read-only, although the same information is viewable is seahub
  6. Please expose access log of a file via the api (at least I couldn’t find it)
  7. Getting an OWA link seems to always return ‘path invalid’ although the path is valid (this one is important to me as it stands between a system with an online office feature or none at all, where the latter is disappointing)
  8. Starred / Search results should return whether the library the file is in is encrypted or not (this allows to include download links on these result pages for unencrypted files)
  9. It would be greateif the directory listing allows multiple pages instead of all files, 1000 files in a table is not much fun in a browser.

For further details on these if they are unclear I kindly request you to read the thread menitioned above, every item is represented in a post there.

Congratulations on creating Seafile, so far my experience is extremely good and a true replacement for other well-known services. I really hope the above suggestions are implemented.


@xiez may have some ideas.

Can anyone confirm there’s something done with my feedback? I’m still waiting on these API enhancements :slight_smile:

@xiez @marcusm